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Cambios en la plataforma Clickbank. Septiembre 2015.
« : septiembre 16, 2015, 11:46:37 am »
Hola amigos,

Se vienen algunos cambios en la plataforma de Clickbank. Les dejo abajo el email original que están enviando a los vendedores.

Básicamente se están adaptando a requerimientos que hacen las empresas VISA y MASTERCARD, para asegurarse de poder seguir ofreciendo un servicio de calidad a largo plazo.

El cambio será que se mostrará un pequeño header con la marca "Clickbank" y algunas opciones más, como por ejemplo un punto de "soporte al cliente", un enlace de login para compradores frecuentes.

Estos cambios se verán implementados a partir del 23 de Septiembre de 2015.

Clickbank ha estado en contacto con los grandes vendedores y se desarrollo esto en conjunto, por lo que pueden estar tranquilos sobre la experiencia que tendrá el cliente al visitar las páginas de venta.

Aquí el email:



Thank you for being a valued ClickBank client. Whether you've been
around for a while or are just starting out, we are excited you've
chosen ClickBank to help you be successful.

ClickBank is one of the world's top Internet retailers powered by the
leading performance marketing platform for digital products. In order
to provide you with the best long-term solution, we are making a few
changes. Before we dive into the specifics, we want to share what is
happening in the industry because it is relevant to the changes that
are coming.

The performance marketing industry is at risk, facing increased cyber
threats and intense scrutiny.

- Major credit card brands are fighting against poor product quality,
fraudulent activity and cybercrime, putting direct response ecommerce
platforms and digital marketers at risk.

- Those same card brands are preparing to do a massive overhaul of the
affiliate marketing space in the coming months. This can be attributed
to increasing threats to their cardholders thanks to deceptive and
fraudulent ecommerce activities. Additionally, following the
introduction of EMV/chip cards with new cardholder authentication
methods in the physical point of sale retail environment in the U.S,
there is an expectation of a shift in organized crime from the
physical point of sale to the ecommerce world.

- In the near future it will become very difficult for existing
marketing platforms, individual vendors and product suppliers to
continue doing business as they have in the past.

Significant change is coming in the performance marketing space,
requiring all to adapt and evolve. As platforms implement these
changes, vendors who are unwilling to participate will be forced to
get their own merchant account (an increasingly difficult challenge
because of significant industry and governmental compliance
requirements). Plus, unadapting vendors will be required to manage
their own affiliate program with worldwide fraud issues growing
exponentially...fraud issues entrepreneurs are not equipped to handle
on their own.

How does this affect you?

In order to thrive in the face of these threats & changes to the
industry plus with ClickBank being the merchant of record, we must
work together and be proactive.

With our long-standing partnership with the payments industry, we have
been working directly with the major card brands to create a plan to
ensure both ClickBank and our product vendors have the firm foundation
necessary for long-term sustainability.

This plan will require ClickBank product vendors to include a small
the JavaScript code that simply returns a piece of HTML content that
will inject a thin ClickBank branded header on the top of the page. It
will include the following menu options:

- A Customer Support link that opens up a customer support dropdown
box in order to keep the customer on the page instead of navigating

- A Marketplace link that opens a new browser tab and links to
ClickBank's consumer-facing website of featured products at
clickbank.com. (OPTIONAL)

- A Customer Account link that opens up a dropdown account login box
to make purchasing easier for repeat customers. (Available end of

This plan also includes a redirect to a ClickBank-branded domain at
http://click.sys.clickbank.com where your sales page will be loaded into
an iframe below the ClickBank-branded header.

We understand you may have concerns about these changes. We are keenly
aware of conversion rate and leaky funnel concerns, which is why we
are actively testing several variations to minimize or remove any
impact on conversions.

On September 23, 2015, the small snippet of JavaScript code will be
available for you to add to your sales pages. Plus, on the same day,
we will automatically add the ClickBank-branded header to all sales
pages loaded by HopLink driven traffic.

Examples of the new ClickBank branded header, the benefits the header
brings, and instructions on how to add the header to your marketing
funnel can be found below:

**El enlace se los debo, actualmente no funciona. Ya solicite otro**

The goal of this plan is to not impact conversions but improve the
customer experience.

We are excited about your long-term success and look forward to doing
whatever we can to help you reach your financial goals through


The ClickBank Team..."

Linkback: http://afiliadostop.net/index.php?topic=7811.0
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